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Welcome to my online portfolio, a selected showcase of my architectural projects, visualizations, and photography. I am deeply passionate about the art of crafting distinctive and functional designs that elevate the spaces they inhabit.

With a robust background in the industry and years of experience, I have honed my skills across various aspects of architecture. From project management to the nuances of conceptual design and effective client communication, my journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of making the world better.

Beyond architecture, I am very interested in technology. Starting from BIM I had the possibility of working with huge projects with the highest level of BIM. Furthermore I see a lot of potential in utilizing AI tools which I am currently discovering and testing. 

Travelling and photography are my other passions. My love for exploration has taken me to diverse corners of the globe, capturing moments and landscapes that resonate with my open-minded and adventurous spirit. I firmly believe that every experience broadens our horizons and enriches our creativity.



Address: Bestumveien 37, Oslo, Norway


Tel: +47 48675756

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